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GUH, Award Winners

2017 Inspire Award Recipient: Connor Faulhaber

Conor Faulhaber,

St. Xavier High School

After the tragic loss of a soccer teammate this past spring, Conor decided to raise funds and awareness to support teen mental health,as part of St. Xavier’s Jesuit Cupthis summer. With support from his mom, Conor solicited raffe basket donations from local universities and businesses, and organized volunteers to sell split-the-pot tickets at the tournament.

In addition to raising $2,000 to support prevention programming and education, mental health messaging was infused into the mass and post-dinner commentary as part of the weekend. Conor, his coach and the families in attendance made it crystal clear that no one should ever suffer alone. They encouraged everyone to speak up and reach out, and inspired HOPE for those who may be silently struggling.

In addition to playing varsity soccer, Conor is a member of the St. Xavier Student Council, he leads cheers at St. X football games as part of the Bomb Squad and participates in various community service activities. He plans to attend the University of Dayton to study engineering starting in the Fall of 2018. Congratulations Conor on this well-deserved honor! 

2016 Inspire Award Recipients: Courtney Spencer and Brielle Robinson

Courtney Spencer (right) & Brielle Robinson, (left)

Turpin High School

Each year, Turpin High School participates in 1n5’s Warrior Run High School Challenge. This year, Brielle Robinson and Courtney Spencer took the lead on raising funds for this important cause.

Through organizing school and community fundraisers, bravely sharing their passion for mental health, and rallying social media

support, they assembled a team of 400 participants for this year’s walk. Collectively with their peers, these two warriors raised more than $12,000 to fund mental health programming and helped #SilenceTheStigma of mental illness within their school. Courtney & Brielle, we applaud your efforts and your courage!

Courtney is a senior at Turpin High School who was inspired by her  own struggle with mental health issues and her desire to create a safe  space in her school for students to share their feelings. In addition to  leading Turpin’s Warrior Run team, Courtney started the Sunny Side  Up Club, which focuses on monthly mental health topics.

Courtney is a varsity swimmer, a member of the National Honor Society, and hopes to attend Miami University in the Fall of 2018 to study Pre-Law or Criminal Justice.

Brielle is also a senior at Turpin High School who was inspired to help organize the Warrior Run after watching those she cares about quietly struggle with mental illness and witnessing friends wrestle with how to support a loved one in need. Brielle wants to be the voice for those  unable to speak up for themselves and wants to encourage her peers to reach out for needed help. Brielle’s experiences as an mental health  advocate have led her to discover a new purpose in her life!

In addition to co-leading the Warrior Run team, Brielle is a member of Key Club, Student Council, and Turpin’s Basketball team. She is still waiting to hear back from colleges, but plans to major in Psychology and hopes to someday earn her PhD.

2017 Courage Award Recipients: Sydnie Bennett and Regan Carroll

Sydnie Bennett (left) and Regan Carroll (right)

Ursuline Academy

When Regan was a sophomore at Ursuline Academy, and Sydnie was a freshman, they met on the school's soccer team and became close friends.  During Regan's junior year, Sydnie began to recognize that Regan was distancing herself.  When Regan shared her deep struggles, Sydnie took the initiative to reach out to Regan's mom and sisters.

Regan shares that she was extremely angry about Sydnie's actions at the time.  But looking back, in Regan's own words, "I would not be here and on this path to recovery if it wasn't for Sydnie.  She single-handedly saved my life by acting mature beyond her years and handling everything I threw at her like a hero."

Regan is currently a freshman at the University of Tennessee, where she is studying biostatistics and psychology. She enjoys playing club soccer and spending time with friends as part of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.  When she's not on the soccer field, she can be found adventuring outdoors or listening to her favorite tunes.

Sydnie is a senior at Ursuline where she just wrapped up her last year of Varsity soccer.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and photography.  She plans to study nursing next fall at either Ohio University or the University of Kentucky.

Thank you, Sydnie, for your courage in speaking up for Regan, and Regan for your courage in seeking help and bravely speaking out to #SilenceTheStigma.

2016 Courage Award Recipients: Will Rewwer and Thomas Roberts

Will Rewwer (left) and Thomas Roberts  (right)

St. Xavier High School

Will and Thomas met and became friends while attending St. Xavier High School. During their junior year, Will confided in Thomas and some friends about the struggles he was experiencing.  Thomas, having learned from the tragic passing of his friend Grant the importance of connecting friends in need with help, was concerned enough to reach out to Will's mom.  Thanks to Thomas’s willingness to reach out to Will's parents, they were able to get him the help he needed. Mrs. Rewwer reflects, "I’m amazed at the courage it took for Thomas to reach out to a friend's parents. He risked a friendship he valued for the safety of his friend.”  We are all amazed at Will's strength and determination - that is true courage!

Will and Thomas are both freshman at the University of Cincinnati and are so grateful to Grant Us Hope for honoring them.  Grant is always on their minds and in their hearts.