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Grant Us Hope’s Response to House Bill 123

Keith Kline and Suzanna Davis of Grant Us Hope come together to discuss the ways in which Grant Us Hope is working diligently to unpack House Bill 123. Grant Us Hope is uniquely positioned to meet the requirements of House Bill 123 and has put programming together to meet the regulations in the new law while allowing the youth to grow up strong. In these trying times students need to know that we care, we see them, we hear them, and we will support them. Grant Us Hope works to create an inclusive culture where belonging, safety, and prevention save lives. Our approach focuses on evidence-based programming and is embedded in district culture to create ongoing change.  

Dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety


Answering Kids’ Questions About Corona Virus

QPR in the Time of Pandemic
This Q-Blast contains more information than we typically send. We are doing it for three reasons:
1. We think QPR-trained gatekeepers can help combat social isolation and loneliness during the pandemic. Please review and share our thought paper on QPR in the Time of Pandemic.
2. We want to share a brief training tool designed to help others understand the value of social connectedness. Staying Connected Tutorial
3. We want to share an online 2-minute training tool we re-engineered from the CDC’s website to make fighting the virus a little easier. Slow the Spread Tutorial
Let’s fight the virus!

Keep Calm and Carry On: Taking Care of Our Fears in the Midst of Coronavirus

Teen Dating Violence: What Schools, Parents, and Youth Need to Know


As the country and the world respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are all feeling a range of emotions. At CASEL, we understand how important it is to attend to the social and emotional needs that arise during times like these. SEL offers a powerful means to explore and express our emotions, build relationships, and support each other – children and adults alike – during this challenging time.

CASEL offers webinars and resources that connects the community with experts. Find more information here: