Week of Hope

Week of Hope

Hope Squads throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky plan school-wide activities during Hope Week to:

  • increase suicide awareness
  • reduce mental illness stigma
  • make Hope Squad members visible
  • promote a caring school environment

Hope Week Activities:

  • Hope Squads sponsor assemblies, presentations, and educational events to keep the discussion of suicide prevention and mental health awareness a focus in their schools and communities.
  • Hope Squads use the spaces in their school to spread kindness, helpful tips, and other messages that the Hope Squad wants to encourage.
  • Hope Squads schedule fun days that promote positive or educational messages.
  • Hope Squads plan events, games and activities around mental health and suicide awareness.
  • Hope Squads challenge students and staff to commit to wellness, awareness and a culture of support and kindness
  • Hope Squads encourage everyone to be aware of their own mental and physical health.
  • Hope Squads spread kindness through your Hope Week activities.
  • Hope Squads hold a walk or remembrance events to represent people lost to suicide.