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As a result of COVID, we are seeing unprecedented mental illness caused by isolation and fear of the unknown. We hope these resources can help you better understand youth mental health and how you can support your children during this time.

Helping Your Child

Online Resources:




National Mental Health Resources

Helpful Tips:

  • Eat 1 meal a day as a family
  • Schedule set times to get up and go to bed (keep a consistent routine/schedule) regardless of whether you are face to face or virtual student
  • Limit times on electronic devices
  • Encourage daily connection with friends 
  • Physical touch/contact – kids need at least 6 hugs a day
  • In an age-appropriate way, share your struggles with your kids (lets them know that they are not alone and that everyone finds this time challenging)
  • Make outside activities a priority every day, even if the weather is less than perfect