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Grant Us Hope works with companies, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations to address complex challenges on a regional scale. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build stronger communities.

We welcome you to explore and interact with our partners pages by clicking the photos/links below and learn more about their mission and vision.

It’sTime2! has presented to over 5,000+ students in 2018 and is scheduled to speak to over 10,000 students in the 2019-2020 school year.

This impactful presentation uses real stories to inspire young people to accept one another, treat each other with respect regardless of their perceived differences, empowers students to make the right choices and to speak openly about the reality of bullying, mental health issues and teen suicide.

The presentation also touches on racism, sexism, prejudice, intolerance and divisiveness which are common problems affecting society as a whole.

A combination of interactive activities, real-world storytelling and engaging media allows Dr. Ceccarelli to capture the assembly’s attention and encourages students to look introspectively into their relationships with others.

The students are left with the challenge of becoming a part of the solution and are given an opportunity to  ask questions and engage with the presenter for additional perspective.

The  presentation is typically 60 minutes in length but can be modified to fit the needs relevant to your student body.

Contact us to inquire further about bringing the It’sTime2! presentation to your school or district.

Terrace Metrics was created in response to schools’ desire to understand the behavior health status of their students-but not having the tools to do so. Terrace Metrics contracts with school districts to administer a comprehensive behavioral health tool that quickly identifies and prioritizes students to receive services and supports. The tool assesses the strongest predictors of interpersonal and intrapersonal functioning, both of which are vital components of current and future academic success.  The advantages to using Terrace Metrics are many, including:

1) Proprietary assessment and algorithm allows for rapid scoring, interpreting, and immediate turn-around to schools, allowing personnel to quickly respond to high-priority students for possible intervention

2) Assessment data is encrypted using a specialized identification code, keeping information confidential and secure 

3)  Data is directly linked to an empirically-based curriculum, providing school personnel with knowledge to design, implement and evaluate prevention and intervention programs

4)  Data allows schools to examine the needs of the WHOLE CHILD and can be easily linked with students’ academic and behavior data

5)  Advanced software systems that enable Terrace Metrics to provide high quality products and services at a low cost to school districts

6)  The data generated by Terrace Metrics has been validated against actual GPA (from school records), standardized test scores (e.g., ACT, SAT), state test scores and multiple sources of behavioral data (e.g., school suspension, tardies/absences, total number of office referrals, etc.)—Please see our technical report at

Our Mission: “Creating lasting results that strengthen families and our community by guiding individuals – from infancy to independence – through comprehensive education, behavioral, and health services.”

We believe that a culture of quality is the foundation for organizational excellence and meaningful outcomes for children and their families. Our core values drive this culture, influence our decisions, guide our behavior, and are essential to achieving our mission of transforming the lives of vulnerable children. Our values:

We truly care about the vulnerable children we serve and have a strong desire to relate to their experience and improve their lives. We put their needs first in all we do.

We are deeply dedicated to helping vulnerable children and families achieve their goals. Everyone associated with the organization is driven first and foremost to improving the experience of clients.

We believe we can produce better results collectively – by working as a team and by joining with others in the community who can support and advance our work.

We are constantly learning, growing and looking for ways to more effectively serve vulnerable children. We adapt our programs to meet the changing needs of the community.

We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of service. Everyone excels in whatever role they play in achieving our mission.

Nick Jackson is the proud owner and creator of Nick Jackson Speaks and Speakers of Love. He is a motivational speaker who inspires people through his experiences and empowering stories. Nick commits his life to helping people of all ages reach their higher purpose and unleash their true potential. He was honored with the 2014 TedX-Cincinnati People’s Choice Award for his inspiring speech at Memorial Hall. To date he has enlightened, entertained and championed the lives of over  1 million people. In 2016 he became the only keynote speaker to present at Anthony Munoz’ student leadership seminar for eight consecutive years and counting.  His motivational speeches are founded in the principles of loving thy neighbor and serving one’s community.

He graduated with an education degree in 2003 through the Mount’s Project EXCEL program. He began his career as the first African-American male teacher and coach at Norwood High School in Ohio and later he taught and coached at Fort Thomas (Highlands) Independent School District in Kentucky and goes down in the history as their first Afro-American educator. While at those schools, Nick coached two football teams to state championships and never had a losing season.

He was also elected by NBC, Showtime and Fox Sports’ Cris Collinsworth to become the national spokesperson for UGive, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the next generation of volunteers.

Nick believes his crowning achievement in life is orchestrating volunteer groups that have generated over 100,000 meals and 2,500 haircuts for homeless neighbors, single mothers and friends.