Dr. Beverly Smolyansky from Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center joins Travis Nipper to talk about Return to School Anxiety: How to Help Your Teen. They cover topics on how students, parents, teachers, and health care staff are reacting to COVID-19. Dr. Smolyansky shares strategies and tips for all these groups on how to handle the uncertain return to school and how to address any warning signs during this stressful time.

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Dr. Smolyansky talks about her role at Cincinnati Childrens (2:05)

Dr. Smolyansky shares about her connection to Suzanna Davis and her awareness of the Hope Squad. (5:13)

Dr. Smolyansky talks about her expertise in anxiety disorders and OCD as well as improving the quality at Cincinnati Childrens. (6:09)

Dr. Smolyansky details the training and development her staff goes through to meet the needs of this with anxiety. (7:22)

Dr. Smolyansky shares the challenges of working with a wide age range and the range of outcomes. (8:19)

Dr. Smolyansky talks about the effect of Covid on kids thus far. (10:02)

Dr. Smolyansky outlines what parents are thinking about going back to school and how they feel. (10:58)

Dr. Smolyansky speaks on the effect on teachers. (12:18)

Dr. Smolyansky shares how COVID-19 has it affect her and her staff at the hospital. (13:20)

Dr. Smolyansky talks about how we approach some sort of restart, what type of concern and conversations she is having with the previously mentioned groups. She shares a couple stories about what student’s fear is about getting and managing control over COVID-19. (14:25)

Dr. Smolyansky talks about the increase in anxiety, depression, and sleep disruption. (15:00)

Dr. Smolyansky shares how she is helping to support her staff at CCHMC as they (19:59)

Dr. Smolyansky gives her steps for helping parents to decide how to approach the back to school questions. (20:40)

Dr. Smolyansky shares a strategy you can use to combat all of the unknowns during this time of back to school and shares a story of encouragement about kids’ resiliency. (23:18)

Dr. Smolyansky reveals the unexpected and surprising reason some kids don’t like wearing masks. (25:35)

Dr. Smolyanskyaaddresses the “new normal”.(27:33)

Travis and Bev have a lengthy discussion on how to be on guard and proactive with caring for your child or teen during these trying times. Bev shares with us the sign for when you should seek help. (30:09)


Dr. Beverly Smolyansky, Staff Psychologist, Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, Cincinnati Children’s

Blog: Dr. Smolyanksy’s Blog

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