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Hope Squad National Council and The Student Perspective

Getting the student perspective! In the first part of two episodes, Travis Nipper is joined by two Ohio students who have been chosen to serve on the Hope Squad National Council. We get to know Olivia Marshall from Lakota East High School and Sarah Johnson of Ross High School. The women share their stories of why they are involved with Hope Squad and how Hope Squad has positively impacted their schools, Suzanna also introduces us to the Hope Squad National Council and its purpose.

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Olivia Marshall attends Lakota East High School in Liberty Township, Ohio. She loves theater and performing with her high school and community theater! She hopes to become a social worker so she can work with kids in the foster system, or LGBTQ+ youth. She wants to inspire her peers to support each other, no matter their differences.

Sarah Johnson lives in Hamilton, Ohio and attends Ross High School. She absolutely loves Hope Squad, and her goal is to expand the program to more schools. Her favorite aspect of Hope Squads is the work they do to spread positivity and make every student feel valued. She can’t wait to spread these messages to even more people!

Suzanna Davis, Director of Programming, Grant Us Hope – Twitter: @SD4HOPE

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