In this episode, we get to know Holly End, the new Vice President of Development for Grant Us Hope. She joins Travis Nipper to discuss the the exciting changes to the upcoming Butterfly Bash which goes virtual this year. Get up to speed on what you need to know!

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Holly initially provides insight to her 25 years of experience in non-profit work before joining GUH (1:52) 

She then discusses her attraction to joining the team, her commitment to encouraging openness, and her mission to “connect others to the assistance that they need.” (3:18)

Next, Holly tells us about her role as Vice President of Development (5:15)

The duo then transitions to a conversation surrounding the Butterfly Bash and its overall purpose to bring people together to increase the organization’s impact (6:05)

Holly then shares how supporters of the Butterfly Bash have made a difference to impact 200,000 students thus far, and how continued support will allow for a greater number of students and schools to receive similar support (7:06)

Furthermore, Travis and Holly discuss how COVID-19 has diverted school’s funds away from Hope Squads and how the Butterfly Bash will ensure that schools maintain this essential presence (7:49)

She then shares how she’s recognized great need from rural and urban schools despite limited resources, and how funds can directly lead to creation of Hope Squads (8:57)

Holly then communicates her creative plan to frame the Butterfly Bash as “distant but together,” through “small gatherings of individuals” and “party kits” (9:55) 

Additionally, she shares how donations from these house parties can be allocated to specific Hope Squads of their choice (11:20)

Holly then teases the theme of Hope that will be found in the programming (12:00)

Our new Development professional also shares the matching program made possible by our generous sponsors within the 48-hour window leading up to the event (12:34)

Next, Holly and Travis discuss how supporters can make the Butterfly Bash a huge night for GUH by hosting or joining a house party, by becoming a sponsor, or by signing up to receive information from GUH (14:07)

In accordance with the podcast’s growing tradition, Holly gets the opportunity to share her Mic Drop! “Give until it feels really, really great” (16:00)

Finally, Holly shares her contact information for further questions surrounding getting involved: // (513) 984-4473 (17:25)


Holly End, Vice President Development, Grant Us Hope – LinkedIn Profile

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